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Aluminium tents for sale are free standing tents with no centre poles or guy ropes which make it ideal for storage, warehousing or major events and exhibitions. Aluminium tents can be erected on almost any surface and can be erected adjacent to a building or adjacent to another tent. They are very stable and can span over a much wider area. Aluminium marquee tents standard sizes range from 5m up to 30m wide and can also be customized to suit your requirements.  Aluminium Tents uses high quality PVC which also comes in clear span which gives the appearance of glass.   We are the top manufacturers of aluminium tents in South Africa.  Aluminium tents are used for functions, events, parties & weddings in Durban and throughout Africa. For Aluminium Tents standard sizes starts from 10m x 20m, 12m x 30m, 15m x 30m, 18m x 30m, 20m x 30m, 20m x 50m, 30m x 30m, 5m x 5m, 9m x 15m to 9m x 27m.
We have seating capacity of banquet and cinema style which starts from 50 seater, 70 seater, 80 seater, 100 seater, 150 seater, 200 seater, 260 Seater, 300 seater, 180 seater, 400 Seater, 495 seater, 500 seater, 700 Seater, 800 Seater, 1180 Seater, 1200 Seater, 2000 Seater, 1800 Seater, 3000 Seater to 6000 Seater.

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Aluminium Tents manufacturer in South Africa

Boss tents are manufactured for the greatest outdoor experience and everything in between. Our tents offer stability and liveability and we will never sacrifice comfort on weight, skimp on delightful details, or overlook the fact that your first adventure is as memorable as your next one. Boss tents are pitched everywhere from exhibitions to family inhabitation holidays. Each tent we build whether for hiking or for the campground has been designed for purpose with prime quality parts and materials. No matter what your preference, be it light-weight, comfort, stable or quick-to-pitch, we have the tent for you and accessories to complete your event requirements. 

Boss Tents combines distinctive, innovative styles with the unaltered tradition of adept craftsmen operating with the best materials. Our steel framed tents and marquees vary and are self-supporting and can be erected upon any surface. If your event requires a bigger tent we have stunning Alpine tents to accommodate your needs. All our tents are structured to support a superb ceiling with scalloping and walls.

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Boss Tents manufactures Aluminium Tents in Durban, Johannesburg, East London, Cape Town, Bloemfontein & Port Elizabeth.

What is Aluminium Tent?

Aluminium tents are free standing tents with no center pole in between. It is made from Aluminium with CNC cutting machines. These tents are called Aluminium structure tents mainly used in exhibition to cover large events covering from 3000 to 6000 visitors. These tents are also called as German Hanger Structure in Asian countries.

Who Manufacturers and supplies Aluminium Tent in Africa?

Boss Tents are the Top and the leading manufactures and supplier of Aluminium Tent in Africa

Where to buy Aluminium Tent?

You can buy Aluminium Tent from boss tents in Durban South Africa. as they use good quality fabric and structure with rigging items.

Is the Aluminium Tent on sale?

Yes, Aluminium Tent is on sale. You can always have a discount on our tent.

How much is Aluminium Tent?

Well its depend upon the sizes which you are looking for Aluminium Tent 10m x 20m, 12m x 30m, 15m x 30m, 18m x 30m, 20m x 30m, 20m x 50m, 30m x 30m, 5m x 5m, 9m x 15m to 9m x 27m. you can get the Pole tent price list and catalog from our sale expert email or chat or you can simply drop an email on